THE BACK #1 #2
2 color photographies
dimensions variable (50x70cm)

“Konverzacija” - Museum of Contemporary Arts, Belgrade, 2001

Both (documentary) photographs originated in summer 2001 in Vienna. The back with the tatto (txt. STORM) was taken at the ImPulsTanz Festival and belongs to the hip-hop dancer Storm. The back with the cross was taken in Volksgarten park, during a two hour performance, the aim of which was to free prisoners in Genoa who were taken in for questioning for demonstrating against globalisation. The motto of the performance, which about 30 people took part in is – no borders, no nations, no prisons.
Through the photo installation being in a corner, back to back, non-commumication is emphasised, as well as untypical communication through signs, corporeal conversation, etc. The replacing of one context with another is also important and the clash of two contexts – two photographs.